Tangy lime and low FODMAP hummus
If you thought that starting the low FODMAP diet spelled the end to hummus, you need to try this low FODMAP Tangy Lime Hummus recipe.  
Low FODMAP protein powder
It takes a very skilled eye to find a protein powder that is considered to be low FODMAP. Find out what to look for on the nutrition label.
Perhaps it is my Japanese roots or the fact that I'm a dietitian. Either way, I love tofu and it is low FODMAP!
Food and symptoms journal
Keeping a food and symptoms journal will help you identify your food triggers with IBS. It is easier than you think!
If you think granola is hard to make, check out this recipe! But don't stop at the granola, my favourite no cook granola bar recipe is here too!
Low FODMAP diet
The low FODMAP diet is an internationally accepted dietary management strategy for IBS. It is complex medical diet that has several phases and works best when implemented with the help of a skilled dietitian.